Novice astronomers, Nick Milek and Melonie Russel, discover a giant nexus between alternate dimensions, and realize it could affect all life on Earth. Evidence suggests that aliens exist near or perhaps on the other side of the nexus.

After explaining the situation to

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On their first assignments, Al Kenward and a fellow astronaut struggle to survive multiple  disasters at Ganymede and Mars. When his fellow astronaut battles with personal problems, he finds the challenges to be more than he

destination when they encounter aliens. Facing these multiple threats and uncertainties, Kim questions her own judgment and leadership.

Davin Hulburt accompanies Antaran representatives to investigate a secret super weapon produced and sold by a team of renegade humans. While carrying out his mission, he meets a female Antaran who abducts him and forces him to join her wild plot to

                         Their maiden voyage: Attempting to

                         study a binary star system, identified

                         by the larger star WR104, Miles and his

                         friends encounter alien beings that pos-

                         sess capabilities far beyond Earth tech-

                         nologies. They discover similar beings

                        at a nearby solar system and find them-

                        selves amid feuding alien factions who

                        demonstrate that they won’t think twice

                        about using their superior powers.
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Kim Brayman commands Earth's first expedition to the Alpha Centauri star group. She and her crew seek a new world, abundant with life. Before they arrive, their ship is damaged, threatening the success of their mission. They attempt repairs and refueling at a planet near their

A mysterious viral disease ravages the Earth, killing millions, including Amy’s parents and husband. When she discovers the source of the disease, anger and the lust for vengeance drive her to join a secret mission to retrieve the cure, and possibly meet the ones responsible.

She thinks her hopes are realized, then finds that their consolation is practically a betrayal. So she formulates her own plan to secretly contact them again.

foil her government's use of the weapon. He faces tough moral and life-changing decisions.

His collection of short stories will take you on a multitude of quick adventures into other worlds, places and times. The human element will surprise you, make you sad or even laugh.

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Their second voyage:Primitive beings, similar to the race near WR104, lurk in the bright, colorful gas and dust cloud of Orion. When Miles and Tana connect with a savage mind, the mental effects become severe enough to force the crew of the Altair to plead for help from the more advanced aliens, putting them into another compromising situation.

world leaders, the President corners them into volunteering for a mission to meet the aliens.

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  Ride off into new frontiers as author Huck Krueger

takes you to remote and wondrous places

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                                imagined. Powerful energy emis- sions from Jupiter and crashing meteorites on Mars threaten their lives, and she is not emotionally pre- pared to help. Adding to the trouble, rescue seems to come too late.

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The future: when engineers utilize force fields to construct invisible spaceships. Miles Wendel and his fellow crewmembers command the small Astral Research Vessel Altair and journey to distant stars and nebulae. Their ship, capable of flying at ‘hyper speeds’ through alternate dimensions, allows them to reach their destinations in minutes.


                                        Ride space ships, meet aliens on

                                        other worlds, encounter tricks of the mind and revelations. Even meet Santa in these alternate dimensions of reality.


Voyages of the Altair

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